Uved's Sweetie Zitrus
"Blom" (import Sweden)

Born 24 July 2007 - 13 March 2019

Breeder mrs. Gunilla Karlström

  • International Show Champion (CIE)
  • Junior World Winner 2008
  • JW'2008
  • Dutch Junior Champion
  • Dutch Champion
  • Luxemburg Champion
  • Winner 2012
  • Several Crufts qualifications
  • Health:
  • HD A
  • Eyes clear (31 January 2013)
  • GSDIIIa clear
  • EIC carrier
  • Work:
  • Cynophilia Gehoorzame Hond 1 (Obedient Dog 1)
  • Cynophilia Gehoorzame Hond 2 (Obedient Dog 2)
  • G&GB Dutch obiedience title, level beginners (April 2011)
  • G&G1 Dutch obiedience title, level 1 (February 2012)

  • Pedigree:

    Ch Aristocurl's DaVinci Ch Caballus Oscar Ch Caballus Grand Slam
    Oak's Wild Song
    Ch Khanastra Generous Cobrizo Venlenciano
    Khanastra Celebration Day
    Ch Uved's Zitrus Orange Ch Caballus Kingfisher Ch Cornish Marksman
    Ch Caballus Electra
    Ch Manskugga's Mimosa Ch Uved's Blazeaway Shamouti Orange
    Ch Manskugga's Ofelia

    Blom is a very sweet Curly with a lot of will to please.
    In 2010 she gave birth to the Oranjelitter and in 2013 to the Zonnelitter.

    Uved's Sweetie Zitrus

    Sire: Aristocurl's DaVinci

    Dam: Uved's Zitrus Orange

    Blom & Claire: best friends

    Blom was a once in a lifetime Curly, so balanced and you could always count on her.
    The kids grow up with her and what a lovely friend she always has been to them.
    Thank you sweet Blom for the lovely years we had together.
    For your though sweetness.
    For all friendship and unconditional love.
    For the two lovely litters you gave us.
    For that very special bond we had together, the love, the understanding without words.
    For ever in our hearts sweet girl.....