Van Elegast is a small kennel owned by me, Brenda van der Zwet.
I was raised surrounded by dogs and all through my life dogs has been very important to me.
Since 2001 I have been occupied with dogs more professional as well.
I've started a small company organizing obedience training, lessons for children with their dog,
lessons about dogs at school, workshops and so on. It is called DogsTale.

In our family we all share the love for dogs.
My husband, our two daughters and me, we love our dogs very much.
In 1992 I got my first Curly Coated Retriever and ever since that's my favorite breed.
Two other breeds have a very special place in our hearts: the Golden Retriever and the Welsh Springer Spaniel.
We take extremely good care of our dogs.
Our dogs are being raised and trained with respect and lots of love.
And of course they are living in our house.
So at this website I proudly present to you: our dogs!

Together with Blom, Britt en Floris