16 december 2010

I took Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) for the first time to a CACIBshow (Wijchen) today.
He entered the Puppyclass.
Judge mr. Martin van der Weijer kwalified Floris as "Very Promissing"
with a very positive report!

28 November 2010

Today Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) did great at the Winnershow in Amsterdam.
There were 14 Curlies entered.
Judge was mr. Andrew Brace (GB).
Blom won the very strong Championsclass bitches (1 Excellent)
and became Reserve Best Bitch!

22 november 2010

Ray (Oranje Leeuw van Elegast) came for a visit today.
Together with his owners Roy and Gerda,
who are very, very happy with Ray.
He is a sensible young dog and was a bit impressed
by the loudness of our Floris and Britt.
For this reason it was hard to make a nice show picture.
But Ray is a handsome boy!
He is almost 7 months old now.

Roy (Oranje Leeuw van Elegast)

24 September 2010

Now it was Oranjebitter van Elegast "Cuby" who came to visit.
He had his first trim too.
Cuby is a handsome boy and a lot like his mother.

Cuby 5 months old

So nice to see eachother again mum!

22 September 2010

Today Oranjefeest van Elegast "Jake" came to visit and
I trimmed him for the first time.
He is 5 months old now and a lovely, happy boy!
This is the new look of Jake.

Jake, 5 months old

15 August 2010

Today the first time the puppies could run along the beach,
Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" en Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast "Britt" really enjoyed themselves!

Floris & Britt (15 weeks old)

27 July 2010

21 December 1996 - 27 July 2010

Our Golden boy Dax has crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.
We hope he is running around with his soulmate Donna
and all his other friends from the past now.
Dax was very special to us,
so sweet really one of a kind.
We have still four dogs but our house is empty now....
We miss "grandpa Dax" but will keep all the lovely memories of him in our hearts.

22 July 2010
Today Arthur went to his new family too.
We wish all puppies from the Oranje litter
a long and happy life together with their new owners!

9 July 2010
Our new boy "Oranje Boven van Elegast" petname Floris is 10 weeks old now.
He is such a lovely little fellow.


25 June 2010
We have had very busy and happy weeks together with the puppies.
Today they are eight weeks old and tomorrow the first ones will go to their new owners.
Last week we made a few little trips to prepare the puppies to real life a bit.
Mama Blom is looking very awful now of course.
It will take some time before she is back to her lovely shape with her superb coat again!

A little trip with the car together with mama

6 June 2010
Lovely weather to play outside.
They develope and grow so fast now!
Look at the pictures of all puppies of the Oranje litter.

three little sisters

30 May 2010
The puppies are cuddled a lot.
See the new picture update on Oranje litter.

23 May 2010
New pictures of the puppies of the Oranje litter.
They are three weeks old now.

15 May 2010
The puppies of Blom are two weeks old now.
They have opened their eyes as you can see on the new pictures on Oranje litter.
They are starting to play with eachother in slow-motion.
And make barkingsounds sometimes.
But besides this they do eat and sleep a lot!
Sleeping warm and cosy together like in this picture:

7 May 2010
The Oranje litter is today one week old..
During this week we had to say goodbye to a black puppyboy.
Sadly he didn't make it.
He didn't put on weight after he was born.
We tried to get him to drink, with a bottle aswell, but we didn't succeed.
I'm so glad that the other 10 puppies are very much alive and kicking!
Time to show some pictures: on Oranje litter we've put a picture of every puppy at one week old.

In this box they must stay when I clean up their "house":
a box full of puppies

3 May 2010
The Oranje litter of Blom are doing great!
Blom is a good caring mother and the puppies are growing and growing.
Today we've made these pictures:

The boys

The girls

Today on Queens Day Blom's litter (Caballus Yackety Yak X Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) is born!!
There are eleven "ORANGE" puppies: 8 boys (2 liver en 6 black) en 3 girls ( 1 liver en 2 black).
Mama and the babies are doing fine!

Blom with her just born eleven puppies

20 April 2010
We have made a new picture of Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus).
She is 7 weeks pregnant now.

Blom 7 weeks pregnant

8 April 2010
Welcome to the new Golden Retriever puppy in our family, we picked up today.
She is called Ivory Blaze My Fair Lady "Bibi".
Take a look at her own page!
Bibi is living with Arnold's mother.

6 April 2010
We've made a picture of Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) yesterday.
She is 5 weeks pregnant now and she is clearly showing it.

Blom 5 weeks pregnant

29 March 2010
We went to the vet today and she confirmed that Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) is pregnant!

2 March 2010
We've made a little trip to France where Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) was mated to Stone (Caballus Yackety Yak),
a lovely import from Finland owned by mrs. Christine Mouly.
When everything is going as we hope for, a litter can be expected in the beginning of May.
Look at Litterplan 2010 for more information or send a mail:

Stone: World Winner 2009

18 February 2010
Exciting news: today our Curly Coated Retriever Blom (Dutch Ch Uved's Sweetie Zitrus JWW'08, JW'08, NJK) has started season!
She will be mated.
For more information mail to:

12 February 2010
They can't seem to get enough of winter and snow!

Diva and Dax


29 januari 2010
Today we had to let go Donna (Donna Dalchini van de Hazewaal).
We are all very sad.
Especially Arnold's mother, Donna lived with her all of her life, she misses her sweet and loyal companion.
Donna has gone away gentle and with dignity.
We are sure that, now she is relieved from all the pain, she is playing happily with all our dogs from the past, somewhere....
Donna, thank you for all the love and joy you gave us.
You always remain in our hearts!

"Donna" 1 October 1997 - 29 January 2010

21 december 2009
Happy Birthday to Dax, he is 13 years old now!
These pictures we made last Friday: he's still going strong!

29 November 2009
Good results on the Winner the biggest show in Holland.
Uved's Sweetie Zitrus "Blom" won the Openclass Bitches!
Judge was mrs. van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint.

On 7 November 2009 Uved's Sweetie Zitrus "Blom" went with our friend Ilona to the show in Bleiswijk.
She became Best Bitch.
With this result Blom is now Dutch Champion.
We are very proud of our girl.
Thanks to Ilona, who showed Blom very well in Bleiswijk!

Ilona with Uved's Sweetie Zitrus "Blom"