23 December 2011

In the spring/summer of 2012 we plan to breed a litter!!
More information you can find under Plans 2012.

12 december 2011

Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) at the CACIB show Wijchen, judge mrs. Wies Boermans.
Result 1 Excellent, Best Male, CAC-CACIB.
Very proud of our boy :-)

9 december 2011

Peppa (Oranjezonnetje van Elegast) is covergirl
on the december edition of the magazine of the German Retrieverclub!

We are so proud of her and owner Heike Melcher
who is training and showing Peppa with so much love!

27 november 2011

Great results on the biggest CACIB show in Holland: the Winner in Amsterdam!
Ten Curlies entered.
Judge was mr Nemanja Jovanovic
Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus): 2 Excellent in Championclass
Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast): 1 Excellent in Intermetiate class, Best Bitch and title Winster 2011

Britt: Winster 2011

Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast): 1 Excellent in Intermetiate class, Best Dog, title Winner 2011 and Best Of Breed

Floris: Winner 2011 & BOB

Both Floris and Britt are twice Crufts 2012 qualified now.

13 November 2011

On this lovely sunny autumnday our sweet girl Diva crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
We enjoyed all twelve years together with her.
She was loved and will be missed very much.
Diva will always have a place in our hearts.

Gentle Diva of Griffins Lodge "Diva"
20 Augustus 1999 - 13 November 2011

24 oktober 2011

We have made a trip to the CACIBshow in Hannover Germany.
Here we have met Oranjezonnetje van Elegast "Peppa" again.
Peppa is grown up to be a lovely girl, but unfortunately she was out of coat.
She lives a great life full of huntingtraining with Heike, Rudi and their children.
Showresults in Hannover, judge was mrs. Christine Rossier:
Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" 1 Excellent VDH JCAC BOB


Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast "Britt" 1 Excellent VDH JCAC
Oranjezonnetje van Elegast "Peppa" 2 Very Good
Uved's Sweetie Zitrus "Blom" 1 Excellent VDH CAC CACIB
Blom became International Champion with this result
In the Braceclass Britt and Floris ended up 1e place!

Britt & Floris 1e place Braceclass

24 September 2011

Yesterday I went to the CACIBshow in Maatsricht with Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast).
7 Curlies were entered.
Judge was mr. M. van der Weijer.
Britt got 1 Excellent in the Juniorclass and became Best Bitch (JCAC and CAC).
We are very proud!

20 August 2011

Good news: we received the result of the hipcheck of Floris and Britt :
they both have hipscore HD-A (Norbergwaarde 40).

28 July 2011

We have visited Oranje Juweel "Juul" van Elegast last week.
She has grown up to be a lovely and outgoing girl, when she has her curls back she will look perfect!

Juul almost 15 months old

And we were very happy to meet Oranjeboom van Elegast "Arthur" again.
He is such a sweet and beautiful boy with a superb coat!

Arthur almost 15 months old

24 July 2011

Happy Birthday to Blom, she is 4 years old now!

8 July 2011

Went to the Worlddogshow in Paris, France with my young boy Floris.
18 lovely Curlies were entered.
What an experience for Floris, he liked the hotelroom very much.
On the show he did great, despite of a big wound on the inside of his ear,
he was placed 2 Excellent in the Juniorclass.
Very nice to have met Curlyfriends from abroad too,
so it was a nice trip indeed.
Ineke, thank you for your pleasant company and making the pictures!

Interesting a hotelroom....

30 April 2011

The Orange litter van Elegast is one year old today!
Happy Birthday to Juul, Peppa, Britt, Tank, Shadow, Ray, Arthur, Jake, Cuby & Floris!
Have a lovely day together with your families.
We did a special orange photoshoot (with crown and necklace) with Britt and Floris
but they were NOT amused at all :-)

Britt & Floris 1 year old

25 April 2011

CACIB show Leeuwarden, 8 Curlies entered.
judge mr M. Armstrong (GB).
Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" 1 excellent JCAC, CAC, Best Of Breed.
With this results he became Dutch Junior Champion.
In the mainring he was acting naughty but got selected in group 8 anyway.
Not placed though.
Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast "Britt" 1 Excellent JCAC.
I was very happy with the results today and we had a nice day.

Floris 11 months old: Dutch Juniorchampion

16 April 2011

Blom passed the Cynophilia Gehoorzame Hond 2 (Obedient Dog 2) exam today.
She took all possible points
and the judge was impressed by her!

9 April 2011

Today Blom passed the G&G-B (Dutch obedience title beginners) exam!
She is in season so she was distracted every now and then.
She left points with that ofcourse but
I am very proud of the results: 245 points and qualification Very Good!

27 March 2011

We made a trip to Luxembourg with super results!
Bibi: Excellent (juniorclass 23 Golden bitches) judge mr. Juan NavedaCarrero (Esp)
There were 8 Curlies entered and the judge was mr. Hans Gruettner (DE).
Floris: 1 Excellent reserve Best Male, he became Luxemburg Junior Champion
Britt: 1 Excellent reserve Best Female, she became Luxemburg Junior Champion
Blom: 1 Excellent Best Female (CACL & CACIB), she is Luxemburg Champion now
So all three Curlies are Crufts Qualified!
I am very proud of my dogs.
And thanks to Masja for helping me during the trip and on the show!!

19 March 2011

I went with Floris to the CACIBshow Leiden. There were 6 Curlies entered.
Judge was Mw. M. Moeller-Sieber (DE).
Result: 1 Excellent (JCAC)in juniorclass and Reserve Beste Male (Res.CAC)

4 February 2011

On the CACIBshow in Eindhoven (4 Curly's entered) Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) got his first JCAC.
And his first CAC because he even won from the championdog and became BOB.
Judge was mrs. R. Lochs (NL).

16 January 2011

A good start of this new year!
We went to the open show in Waalwijk.
Judge mrs Lehtonen from Finland was very pleased by our youngsters.
There were 6 Curlies entered.
Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast)got Very Promissing and became Best Puppybitch.
She was still a bit impressed by the showsurroundings so she acted a bit shy in front of the judge.
"A well made puppy" according to mrs Lehtonen.

Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) gor a Very Promissing too and became Best Puppy.
"A very pleasing youngster".

There were 40 Golden Retrievers entered, judge mw. Lehtonen is a breedspecialist.
Bibi (Ivory Blaze My Fair Lady)was entering a big and strong Juniorclass.
She was 4 Excellent!
"A sweet little bitch, but could lose a kilo or two" according to mrs Lehtonen.
So she has to go on a diet but what a result!
We are very proud of our youngsters!