News 2012

December 25

Today on Christmas Day we made a little trip to Germany with Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus).
She had a nice meeting with Cody (Lucky Curl's CC Cody), they really liked eachother.
Mating all went well. Now we have to wait and keep our fingers crossed for Curly babies end February 2013!!

15 december

Went with Jake (Oranjefeest van Elegast) to the Christmasshow in Wijchen.
He did great again 1 Excellent CAC-CACIB and BOB.
Jake is owned by Silvia Soriano and Ronald Bergkamp.
Judge was dhr. J. de Cuyper
Claire was together with Keisha selected in the Juniorhandling competition and placed 5th!

December 11

Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) is in season!
She will be mated to Cody (Lucky Curl's CC Cody), see "PLANS"

November 26

We have had a great Winnershow (the biggest dogshow in Holland) in Amsterdam yesterday!
10 Curlies entered and judged by Annuka Paloheimo from Finland.
Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast) got 2 Excellent in her class.


Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) got 1 Excellent in her class and became Best Bitch so WINSTER 2012

Blom: Winster 2012

Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) continued his last year title .
He took his class with an Excellent and the judge made him Best Male (WINNER 2012) and in the end Best of Breed.

Floris: Winner 2012 en Best of Breed

No wonder we had a fabuleus day!
Special thanks to Masja for all her help and support!

November 3

Went to the Internationale Dogshow Bleiswijk with Jake (Oranjefeest van Elegast).
Jake is owned by Silvia Soriano and Ronald Bergkamp.
He is a handsome dog so I asked if I could take him to present him on a show.
Judge mr R. Doedijns gave him 1 Excellent in Openclass.
And he was Reserve Best Dog (res CAC/res CACIB) after the championdog, so full CAC did go after all to Jake.
Het was een feestje om deze superlieve en vrolijke zoon van Blom een dagje mee te nemen, voor herhaling vatbaar.

Oranjefeest van Elegast "Jake"

August 26

International Dogshow Rotterdam, 4 Curlies entered.
Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast) 1 Excellent CAC-CACIB Best Bitch.
Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) 1 Excellent CAC-CACIB Best Of Breed.
Both littermates are Dutch Champion now.

Official papers: Britt & Floris are Dutch Champion

August 14

Today I gave Jake (Oranjefeest van Elegast) a trim.
He is owned by my neighbours (Sylvia & Ronald).
What a handsome boy, what a great character he has!

Jake, 27 months old

August 11

Good news from Germany from Heike Melcher, the owner of Peppa (Oranjezonnetje van Elegast).
Healthresults of Peppa: HD A1/A1 and ED free
Could not be better!

August 4
Went to Bremen International Dogshow.
Four Curlies were entered. Judge was mr. Peter Beyersdorf (D)

Oranje Boven van Elegast (Floris, foto): 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOB
His sister: Oranjezonnetje van Elegast (Peppa, owner Heike Melcher): 1U, CAC, CACIB and BOS

July 12

This is Peppa (Oranjezonnetje van Elegast)
She lives in Germany.
She is proudly owned and trained by Heike Melcher!
But Peppa is still feeling Dutch a bit :).

June 22

Unfortunately the ultrasound scan didn't show any puppies, so Blom is not pregnant.

May 27

Result of Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) on the International Pinksterhow at Arnhem
1 Excellent CAC-CACIB and Best of Breed.
Judge was breedspecialist mrs. Hannie Warendorf.

April 30

Happy Birthday to the Oranje-litter born in 2010 out of Blom (X Stone).
A big Birthday hug to Arthur, Britt, Cuby, Floris, Jake, Juul, Peppa, Ray and Tank!

April 15

We went to the International Dogshow Antwerpen (Belgium) with Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) today.
Results: 1 Excellent, CAC-CACIB and Best of Breed.
Judge was mw. T. Sulce (LV)

April 14

Got the certificate from the FCI so it is official:
Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) is International Show Champion (CIE)!

March 18

Results of Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) at the International Dogshow in Leiden.
1 Excellent CAC-CACIB and Best of Breed.
Judge was mw. Stuifbergen-Hoetjes (NL)

February 26

Blom (Uved's Sweetie Zitrus) passed the G&G1 (Dutch obedience title level 1) exam today!
She was handled by Arnold though I do most of the training with her.
I am very, very proud of both.

February 11

Bibi two years old today!

Bibi & Blom

February 5

A lot of snowfun for people and dogs this weekend!

January 29

We went to the CACIB Show in Mouscron (Belgium) with two Curlies and one Golden.
It turned out to be a great day.
Judge for all Retrievers was mr. Rudi Feyaerts from Belgium
Bibi (Ivory Blaze My Fair Lady) was placed 5 Excellent in her class.
Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast) 1 Excellent Best Bitch CAC-CACIB
Floris (Oranje Boven van Elegast) 1 Excellent Best Of Breed CAC-CACIB
In the ring of honour Floris en Britt were placed as Best Couple by mr Feyaerts!
We are very proud of our dogs, they all did fantastic!!

January 12

We have got very sad news from Germany this morning.
Last night Shadow was killed under a car.
We are thinking of Shadows owners Gemma, Marcus and their little daughter Laila.
It is so hard for them :(.
They loved Shadow very much and Shadow loved his family,
we have noticed that at the litterreunion last October.

Goodbye Shadow, goodbye sweet and handsome boy....
son of Blom, you are missed dreadfully by your family
and will never be forgotten by all of us.

Oranje Nassau van Elegast "Shadow"
April 30 2010 - January 11 2012