News 2013

January 6


Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast) is in season.
She will be mated to Lucky Curl's Bendix (Anatnaq Benwick X Engadin Star's Agamy).
Bendix is a liver male from Germany, owned by Angela & Thomas Wiegreffe and bred by Ulrike Bschorer.
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December 13 & 15

Eendaagse CACIBshow Amsterdam
Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" CAC/CACIB Best of Breed
Winner Amsterdam
Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" resCAC/resCACIB res Best Male


October 10

Ibine (Zonnegroet van Elegast) 7,5 months old now

Owned by Brenda van der Zwet & Mieke Molenaar

September 7

At the CACIB show in Luxembourg Britt (Oranje Blanje Bleu van Elegast)
and Floris Oranje Boven van Elegast) both became Luxembourg Champion.
Floris also was Best of breed.

June 24

All Zonnelitter puppies are settled down with their new families.
Good to hear every new owner is happy with the Curlybaby!
Mika (Zonneblom van Elegast) stayed with us until last week.
She had to have a rabies vaccination before she left, and between vaccination and leaving had to be a period of three weeks.
But last week David and Susan could finally take their 16 weeks old puppy back home to Scotland.
Mika lives with them and their other two Curlies Ted and Lucy.

Happy David & Susan took home their Mika

April 19

From today on Ibine (Zonnegroet van Elegast) lives with Mieke Molenaar.
Ibine will stay a member of the Elegast-clan and get her own page here.
We hope she will be very happy with Mieke and her other Curlies Chasa en Falco!

Mieke & Ibine

March 23

On the CACIBshow Leiden Jake (Oranjefeest van Elegast) got
1 Excellent Best Male CAC/CACIB under breedspecialist Gera Toeters.
With this CAC he completed his title Dutch Champion.
He only needed 4 shows to get his 4 CAC's!
Again it was great fun to take this lovely boy with me.
Congrats to Silvia Soriano and Ronald Bergkamp, the owners of this third Dutch Champion from the Oranjelitter.

Jake (Oranjefeest van Elegast) Dutch Champion in 4 shows

March 20

Puppies growing!
Mama Blom is working hard and dropping her coat.

Look for more information and pictures at Zonnenest

March 10

The puppies are two weeks old now.
They still sleep a lot.

But all eyes are open
and more and more they make contact to eachother and to us!

Look for more information and pictures at Zonnenest

February 22

Today the Blom/Cody puppies (12!) are born.
There are 1 black boy, 4 liver boys, 4 black girls and 3 liver girls.
After a long, cold winter we longing for the sun,
that's the reason we have chosen for pedigree names that has to do with "Sun" (Dutch: "zon"),
so this will be our "Zonnelitter".
Look for more information and pictures at Zonnelitter


Blom, almost 7 weeks pregnant
Lucky Curl's CC Cody (Cody) X Uved's Sweetie Zitrus (Blom)
More information see: PLANS

February 1

Went with Jake (Oranjefeest van Elegast) to the CACIB Dogsshow Eindhoven.
There were 3 Curlies entered.
Jake got 1 Excellent CAC-CACIB and BOB again!
Judge was mr. Schepers (NL).

Jake is owned by Silvia Soriano and Ronald Bergkamp.