News 2016

December 10

IDS Amsterdam Winner, judge mrs. Ludy Helling
Zoete Sterrenregen van Elegast "Stella" 1 Excl, JEUGDWINSTER 2016 - BOS WINSTER 2016 - BESTE JEUGDHOND
Zoete Bliksem van Elegast "Bliks" 1 Excl JEUGDWINNER 2016

Stella BOS (handled by Claire) & Miles BOB met Hannie Warendorf

December 9

IDS Holland Cup Amsterdam, judge mrs. Monika Blaha (AT)
Multi Ch Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" 1 Excl. CAC-CACIB & BOB


November 6

IDS Bleiswijk, judge mr. Jos de Cuyper (BE)
Zoete Sterrenregen van Elegast "Stella" 1 Excl Juniorclass, CAC & BOB


5 november

IDS Bleiswijk, judge breedspecialist mrs. Hannie Warendorf (NL)
Zoete Sterrenregen van Elegast "Stella" 1 Excl. Juniorclass, CAC & BOB


2 oktober

IDS Hanzeshow Zwolle, judge was mr. K. Salminen (FIN)
Multi Ch Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" 1 Excl. CAC-CACIB & BOB


In the Junior Handling competition Claire was placed first handling Floris!
Because of this great result she will be one of the finalists in the Dutch Championship Junior Handling on December 11 at the Winnershow in Amsterdam.
Judge was mr. P. Burema (NL).

Claire & Floris 1e JH

1 oktober

IDS IJsselshow Zwolle, judge mrs. T. van Adrichem-Bogaert Kwint (NL)
Chesscurl A Pink Phlox for Elegast "Phlox" 1 Excl. CAC-CACIB & BOB


Zoete Sterrenregen van Elegast "Stella" Puppyclass VP & Best Puppy
6e BIS Puppy, judge mrs. F. Tromp (NL).

August 12

Gibbs (Zonnekoning van Elegast) has become father twice recently!
One litter of 10 black puppies (4 boys and 6 girls) with Audrey (Laguna Love Audrey Hepburn)
They are seven weeks old now.
Still a few puppies available at Kennel Vitalight breeder is Elizabeth Vitola.

Gibbs x Audrey girls

The other litter Gibbs has is with Mira (Springcurl Minette).
There were 5 liver babies born (2 boys and 3 girls), they are 7 weeks old aswell now and one puppy is available.
More info Kennel Curly Coated Retriever CZ breeder is Ivana Ri.

Gibbs x Mira babies

April 6

Bliksem is available for a loving home on breeding terms

March 24

Today th puppy charactertest was done and the testers were very happy with what they experienced!
It is an active and open minded litter, very people orientated, they want to work and have a lot of will to please.
And they have a great mental recovery ability.
We are very happy with the results!
For one girl we are still looking for a loving and active future owner.
More info on Zoete-nest and feel free to call or mail us with questions.

March 15

There is one babygirl available for a suitable, loving home.
The litter is 5,5 weeks old now.
More info and pictures you can find at Zoete-nest

babygirl from the Zoete-litter

Februari 22

Happy Third Birthday to the Zonnelitter (Mika, Bella, Kaya, Karsha, Ruby, Senna, Gibbs, Elio, Ravi, Mike).
And of cours to mama Ibine!

Ibine with two of her babies

Februari 6

Puppygirl with the white collar, 2 days old

4 februari
Zonnegroet van Elegast "Ibine" has given birth to 7 lovely puppies.
1 boy an 6 girls.
Mother and kids are doing fine.
Ibine is very serious about being a mum now.
For more info, take a look at the Zoete-litter

Ibine, still looking a bit puzzeled about the puppies

January 24
Zonnegroet van Elegast "Ibine" 7 weeks pregnant.
For more info, look at our Plans 2016

Ibine, mum to be

January 10
Oranje Boven van Elegast "Floris" was invited to enter the Dog of the Year Showde Hond van het Jaar Show.
It is an honour to be invited to present your dog at this show, based on last year showresults.
Claire did the handling this year and presented Floris on that famous catwalk.
And she did very well.

Claire& Floris on the catwalk

January 4
Zonnegroet van Elegast "Ibine" is confirmed to be pregnant!
Puppies expected first week next February.
For more info, look at our Plans 2016