Born on 4 februari 2016: 7 black puppies
The pedigreenames are:

Zoete Bliksem van Elegast (male)
Zoete Regenboog van Elegast (female)
Zoete Sterrenregen van Elegast (female)
Zoete IJsbloem van Elegast (female)
Zoet Maanlicht van Elegast (female)
Zoete Zonsopgang van Elegast (female)
Zoete Zeebries van Elegast (female)


Elkysar All That Jazz Gladrags In The Mood Berryholme Clydesdale
Gladrags Yours Truly
Elkysar Eytukan Black Kontender at Kelsmere
Lizallwood Summer Magic at Elkysar
Zonnegroet van Elegast Lucky Curl's CC Cody Down Da Trail Hunting Thrills
Lucky Curl's Beatrix
Uved's Sweetie Zitrus Aristocurl's DaVinci
Uved's Zitrus Orange

Elkysar All That Jazz
"Louie" (UK)

Born: December 8th 2013

  • J.W

  • Health:
  • Hips: 2:6
  • Eyes clear
  • Complete scissorbite
  • Zonnegroet van Elegast

    Born: February 22th 2013

  • Dutch Champion
  • International Champion (CIE)
  • Dutch Junior Champion (NJK)
  • Belgian Junior Champion (BJK)
  • Belgian Champion
  • Luxembourg Champion
  • VDH-Junior Champion
  • VDH-Champion
  • VDH-Europajugendsieger 2014
  • Benelux Winner LU 2014
  • VDH-Bundessieger 2014

  • Health:
  • Hips: HD-A (Norbergwaarde 40)
  • Eyes clear
  • GSDIIIa clear (both parents clear)
  • EIC clear
  • PRA cord 1 clear
  • Complete scissorbite

  • First time playing outside at 5 weeks of age:

    Photo of every puppy (10 days old):

    Male (without collar)

    Female (rainbow collar)

    Female (red collar)

    Female (pink collar)

    Female (pink-blue collar)

    Female (white collar)

    Female (black & white collar)